The story

Kerosene Media was rebooted in 2020 but actually started early 2013, and since then we’ve grown a lot. We aim to go further, and create better content, in photography as well as in journalism. We’ve reached an impressive amount of publications by working hard and investing in our military contacts as well as our magazine contacts. Our individual styles and portfolio have grown with us, and we are always looking for new and exciting opportunities when it comes to photography.


We provide various services. Our main focus is photography. We provide our signature night shoots, air-to-air photography, documentary photography, exercise reports, detail and portrait photography. If you want yourself, your aircraft, your unit or squadron, or even air force photographed, you have come to the right place.

We also provide journalism. We can write your story in an attractive manner, and get it published.

Is what you envision not listed here? Do not hesitate to contact us, we can always work something out.

Who are we?

As aviation photographers, we want to make dynamic images that depict action. We are constantly looking for opportunities and challenges. We have a strong will to produce dynamic images full of action that capture the moment. We are always pushing to learn and to expand our capabilities. This motivation results in a lot of international publications in renowned magazines, and a stunning portfolio.

Meet our motivated photographers and journalists below:

Jeroen van Veenendaal

Photographer – Journalist

Jeroen started photographing in 2012, and has rapidly evolved from there on. He also designs patches, and even designed two helicopter liveries for the Belgian Air Force. He loves planning challenging and complicated photo shoots.

Ralph Blok

Photographer – Journalist

Ralph started with aviation photography in the early 90’s after he was introduced to military aviation by a family member. Since then he gained a lot of experience and has been to a lot of countries worldwide.

Veronique Bielen

Photographer – Contact specialist

Veronique is our enthusiastic contacts manager. She also acts as a translator on visits. She’s always had an obsession with military aircraft.